Coloring Inside the Lines

By Faith Overton

One of the things about toddlers that I love is how easily impressed they are . My kids recently have been giving me compliments on my ability to color inside the lines during our coloring book time together. It made me think about control and the need to feel in control.

Most adults have trouble with this concept , some even take years to master the balance needed for them to succeed . At times we rob ourselves of simple moments of happiness on this endless search for how to be in control . Frankly it’s a vicious cycle I’ve spent years trying to break . I want to accept that God is in control of all things so I don’t have to be . As an active Christian this gives me peace while allowing me to have a firm season of what is or is not my responsibility. I’ve made general tips to help those who might be struggling with season of control or the need to be in control.

1- Accept responsibly only for your actions and thoughts alone . You cannot control how other people react . The sooner you accept this the more peace you will invite into your life as a result.

2- Your individual joy/ happiness cannot be based on others for it will fail . When we base our source of happiness on anyone besides ourselves we make an unreasonable and unattainable goal.

Though these tips sound straightforward and simple do not be deceived as they take great discipline. May you find the peace you need my friends as you let go to of the stress of control.

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