Holiday Survival Tips for Kids

By Ivy Bagley

The holiday season is here on many levels. Holiday parades, visits with Santa, and church program practices are already underway. 
The holidays can be a time of stress for many families- time management, multiple events, and financial stress. These stressors impact children as well.

A few tips to survive the holiday craziness.

1.  Try to keep a similar routine for bedtime, meals, etc.

2. Limit activities. It is ok to say “no” to the third cookie decorating party you’ve been invited to attend.

3. Set family traditions for your own family unit. If you truly wish to have Christmas morning at home, it is ok to invite grandparents to come- after a certain time.

4. Set spending limits. Our family no longer exchanges with the adults. This has taken a lot of stress off the gift buying. Consider the three gift rule for children from Santa.

5. Make certain you take care of yourself. A stressed out parent can impact not only the adults but children as well.

6. Plan “down time.” Take a weekend and keep Saturday free. Maybe curl up and read books, go for a family walk, or watch a favorite Christmas story.

7. Volunteer with one organization. Maybe your family rings the Salvation Army bell one morning; helps at the food kitchen; or even taking your elderly neighbor groceries/a meal helps children better understand the importance of helping others.

Remember to enjoy the most magical season and enjoy the moments as they happen. All too soon, we will be packing up our decorations and starting 2020. 

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