Halloween Safety

By Ivy Bagley

Halloween is a great time for kids to enjoy dressing up and receiving lots of goodies! However, it is also a time in which children can be injured or harmed. Parents can help prevent many common accidental injuries with a few simple steps.  Ultimately, we wish for our kids to all have a fun and enjoyable night!


  • Choose costumes that are not too long- this will prevent tripping or falling.
  • Utilize Reflective Material or reflective tape to make children more visible.
  • Purchase Flame Resistant Costumes and Wigs.
  • Do not allow children to use decorative contact lenses as these can cause series eye injuries.
  • Monitor the length of swords, canes, and sticks as these can easily become tripping hazards.
  • Limit Masks and Hats or make certain they fit appropriately to avoid blocking a child’s vision.

Trick-Or-Treating Safety:

  • Always go in groups with a responsible adult.
  • Utilize Flash Lights for adults and children to increase visibility.
  • Teach Children how to call 9-1-1 should they become lost.
  • Count children at each house to confirm all children arrived safely.
  • Make certain children understand to never go inside a home or a car for treats.
  • Trick-or-Treat in well-lit areas.
  • Stay in a group and carry a cell phone at all times.
  • Consider attending one of the many local TRUNK OR TREAT events vs. going door-to-door.
  • Encouraged children to be polite, make certain they understand to not push or take too many pieces of candy.

Candy Safety:

  • A responsible adult should check all candy for tampering.
  • Double check if you child has allergies prior to eating any treats. Encouraged them to not sample prior to you checking their candy basket. If the label is not clear on ingredients, look online for more information or choose to send those items to other friends, our troops, or do candy exchange.
  • Make certain children understand to politely turn down homemade baked good/treats. Review this prior to trick-or-treating. And, double check each item in their bag.
  • When in doubt, toss the candy.

Utilizing these tips, your family will have a fun and safe Halloween!

Ivy M. Bagley, MSN FNP-C IBCLC

Ms. Bagley enjoys seeing patients of all ages at Children’s Health Services. Ms. Bagley has been a part of the CHS team since 2007. There, she manages their social media, teaches CPR/Baby Care classes, and provides patients with visits through e-visits. She is a board certified lactation consultant who works with breastfeeding moms/babies through office visits and their online breastfeeding support group. She recently obtained a Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine and is an active member in OMA, AANP, ICLA, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, and within the community. Recently, she began an online group, “Blessed and Healthy Families,” with the goal of educating families on overall health with a specific focus on obesity. Ms. Bagley also owns Creative Blessings Photography and serves many local groups through her photography. She enjoys her family and spending time traveling.

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