Is THAT Really What You Think?

By Aron Daniels

When you own a magazine there is a curious little line that evolves, between your personal life and your professional life. It wasn’t there before but somehow now, you can feel the difference.

As a brand, we maintain a very large amount of transparency, because we honestly love running PCWJ and when you’re having fun doing something, it’s easy to be very straight-forward about it. The things that I would say we talk about the least, isn’t to hide something, but just to keep the tone right for people to enjoy. What we don’t talk about is just how much thought and how much work we do to get the details right, even if nobody notices those details. It’s not exciting as a brand to think about the lists and strategies associated with some of those things. We don’t talk about that much, because that’s the boring stuff.

The bigger thing we don’t talk about though, is that sometimes we may personally have different thoughts or opinions than our magazine can have. Why is that? An example is that we definitely have political, spiritual, and social opinions of our own. Whereas, we don’t often delve too deeply into those topics, we have made some decisions about how to handle it if we decide we need to include some of that in a future issue. Our stance is that, overall, we want PCWJ to be reflective of this community. That includes people who think differently than we do, and we want this space to be a bridge to unite people of differing opinions. We absolutely will make space for people to share their opinions, but if another person shares something different there is space for that too.

The line that we will draw, is that we want to make a space for positive exchanges, and will not make a space for language or topics that are discriminatory or anchored in hate. We make space for people to be themselves and to celebrate the diversity of life-experiences in Pitt County.

We believe everyone adds to the culture in Pitt County and so we always want to make space for people of different faiths, political perspectives, those of different social-issue opinions, on various parts of The LGBT+ spectrum, various economic levels, and any other differences. Thank you all for adding value to this community.

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