Jesus & Coffee Podcast

By Patricia Barfield

COVID-19 has brought on so many emotional challenges. Many are isolated at home working 10-hour days and some have been with their children for months on end. Either way, it’s overwhelming and completely unavoidable. Mary Beth “MB” and Patricia “PB” have been friends for years, but COVID was unique for their relationship. It was a moment in their lives to slow down and be completely vulnerable. PB shared how her faith was strengthened during seasons of hopelessness. In that instant, MB and PB understood how important it was to break down walls, have friends who believe in the power of Jesus’ name and how He can change your life for the better. We had to share how great our God is and that He never fails us.  

God used this pivotal moment to glorify His name.  MB had felt a calling for some time to share the gospel with others even before the pandemic. MB said she couldn’t knock on doors during COVID-19, and besides, nobody answers the door anymore except for an Amazon package. MB had the idea of starting a podcast with a calling to connect with others during a time of uncertainty and isolation. God speaks in many ways, and we all have the option to act like we didn’t hear it or embrace what He has called us to do. For once in our lives, we were obedient. 

Jesus and Coffee is a podcast with a focus on motivating and inspiring listeners through biblical scripture, life experiences, and of course, caffeine. Episodes range from everyday battles, finding peace in times of conflict, as well as focusing on books of the Bible. Listeners can expect to hear two friends chatting about life and faith over a cup of coffee.  

MB and PB hope this podcast inspires individuals to turn to Jesus more than before. Their desire is for listeners to roll out the red carpet and let Him in their hearts. You can subscribe to the Jesus and Coffee podcast from any of your favorite podcast app’s or by visiting their website:

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