New goals for 2020

By Ivy Bagley

As we are only a few days from ringing in 2020, many of us have started thinking on goals for ourselves. Perhaps it’s to work out more or maybe it’s to stop procrastinating. 

Whatever your personal goals, I encourage you to set a few family goals. 

Here are a few examples. 

  1. Spend more time together as an entire family unit. This time is not scheduled or necessarily planned, but time to enjoy each other. Maybe every Saturday night is “game night.” 
  2. Put the devices away. Plan to establish a central charging station in the home. All devices stay there after a certain point at night. 
  3. Take time to talk with your kids. Chat about school, funny stories, what is concerning them. Chat one on one. 
  4. Eat dinner together at least 1-2 nights/week. This is a no device meal. Actually cook a meal together. 
  5. Spend time working out as a family. Bike ride. Walk/Jog in the local parks. Sign up for a 5k and train together. 

These are a few goals I encourage you to set and enjoy together for 2020.  Make the commitment to give these suggestions a try for 60 days and you will begin to establish habits. 

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