What’s your 20/20 Mindset

By Metisia Wooten

It hardly seems real that we have rolled into the last month of the year, let alone the last month of the decade. 2020 is peeping just around the corner and  this poses the question of how clear is your vision for the upcoming year? December is full of beautiful holiday sceneries , parties, shopping ,family time and more. This is also the time of year that most of us grab our phones  or notebooks  and start to sketch out our oh so perfect New Years resolutions.  Having plans and ideas of how we want to tackle next year has long been the tradition of many.

If we are honest with ourselves sometimes the follow through of our lists may have fallen a little short. For some once we start to faultier and slide to the right of the list that  we created  we lose momentum. The laser focus attention that we had for that goal or task starts to diminish . If we are not sharp the thought creeps in “well I’ll try it again  later”, or “I gave it my best shot “ enters our thought processes. When this happens we should take a step back and review and write down not just the goal, but what went well and what  didn’t.

Reviewing what  seemed to aid in the goal rolling off of the tracks can help in having a clearer vision of just what happened. You should take the time to celebrate  your wins in the journey . Whether  big or small every step in your process has been movement towards the journey Every chance you had to eat the right meal, work out, spend time with your family , stay on task in your business, make new memories, learn new things is a huge win. You have to celebrate the milestones while having some accountability to help you stay on track.The  follow through is just as important as writing it down. Complete each action of the process.

When it comes to eyesight and seeing crystal clear we are told 20/20 vision is the perfect crystal clear view in which one can have. With 20/20 vision no eye glasses are needed no assistance with the help of contact lenses or glasses are required. I believe crystal clear vision with action steps  is a viable and sustainable approach to take for the upcoming decade. Some of us are already making our lists and checking them twice. Ok it’s the holidays I couldn’t resist but truth be told whether we type out the ideas or task on our phone or write them in a notebook none of these things will leap off the page without action.

 The goals and tasks grow legs and momentum when WE make them move. Have you ever watched chess? Have you seen how much strategy and thought goes into making not just a move but the right move to advance your chess piece?  The concept and mindset of having intentional strategy is important when making moves in your goals and your life. If you set that goal what’s the path to make it happen? What are the action steps to go with that task?

If you don’t have an accountability partner helping you stay on track make sure you hold your own self accountable. Set yourself up to win .

If eating healthier is on your list what actions go with it? First always be honest with yourself, is it for health or vanity? Write that down it’s important.

What ideal weight or amount of inches do I want to see as my end result? What eating style will I develop? Will it be healthy meals, Vegan lifestyles or a Vegetarian lifestyle?  Will I  journal what I intake on the journey? The list goes on and on but if I’m serious about my goal I need to be serious about the steps to get there.

Visually seeing on paper or via your phone helps to keep you track.  Stand in the realization of what happened to not make you hit your target or what went well to stay on track . Accountability Accountability Accountability is so important on your journey. Being honest with yourself often times helps you to stay on track. As the year comes to a close, take into account your wins as well as your challenges that helped  to shape and mold you this year . Evaluate the year in its entirety and allow yourself to make realistic goals not resolutions. Words have power so watch what words you use to describe yourself and your journey.

 Replace the wording  “old you” with “transitioning to a wiser more strategically thinking version of yourself”. Every move you make towards that goal is a step towards making that goal evolve and grow into the results you are seeking. Remember to celebrate along the way and enjoy whatever journey you set before yourself. Its GOAL time ,Write out the Goal, Organize and develop a plan, Activate that plan and Learn to celebrate the journey along the way. What’s your 2020  vision?