One of Greenville’s Local Little Gems…

By Denise Terry Walker

I’m just going to have to put in a plug in for one Greenville’s local gems! I grew up in Kinston but moved away when I was 22. In high school I was in the drama class, a singing show troupe and was involved in various plays over the years. I even did a couple of plays after high school. When I moved to Virginia and started a family it just seem like I never had the time to do theater. I organized and sang some at the home school talent shows and sang at a few events locally but never theater. So, when I moved here to Greenville about a year ago I was determined to find something I could participate in. I saw a theater in New Bern but that was an hour away. I just started finding places in Greenville on Facebook. I liked the pages and started to follow them. I saw local bands and restaurants and then……. I found Whirligig Stage!!!! I saw several productions advertised but none that I thought would be a fit for me until I saw an audition call for Poodle Skirts and Bell-bottoms, a 50s and 60s Musical Revue. I took a leap and auditiones and got in the show


! We had 5 weeks of rehearsals until the show. During that time I formed new friendships, felt my confidence rise as a performer and learned new aspects of producing a show such as how to do staging and lighting. Jason Coale and Elena Kepner who run the theater were a delight to have working and organizing the event! They are very caring and thoughtful and a true asset to the area You can tell they really love the community! Sammie Kunz, the director of the show was patient and SO much fun to work with. I met people of all ages in the show who had various musical talents. I learned a lot from everyone that I met!!! Whirligig plans many fun shows and activities throughout the week. There are comedy nights, improv nights, jazz nights,workshops for kids and etcetera! Although they have only been open for a short time, they already have so much to offer in Greenville! I highly encourage everyone to like their Facebook page and stop by their location on Pitt Street to see what is going on there!! You will not regret it! Who knows??? You may even decide you want to audition too!!

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