What it Really Looks Like to Empower Women

By Daria Mitsos

When you hear women empowerment, do you picture a band of women marching down the streets and protesting for women’s rights? How about just one woman supporting another through a tough time? So many have this vision that to empower women you must scream and yell. Using your voice as a tool can help, but it goes way beyond this.

Empowerment starts in your heart. It starts with a true desire to want to see other women rise from the ashes, or sometimes just their couch. We all fight a different battle that some will never imagine. Abuse, neglect, poverty, and addiction are major things that people regularly fight for, but there are other things that aren’t as well known.

What about the woman who is facing a decision to leave her job that she’s been at for 16 years. She has children to feed, but her desire to become something more creates that battle of uncertainty. Are you there to support her and push her to follow her dreams? Maybe it is a woman who owns her business and is struggling to get out of debt. Do you support her by buying or being an advocate for her?

My point is that empowering women can be done on a day to day basis. Picture how much better this world would be if you supported your tribe and encouraged them to reach for the stars. It doesn’t always take marching the capitol.

Three easy ways to empower your fellow females:
1- Do not be fake and don’t be a bully.
As women we should be sticking together, and being honest with your friends is so important. However, it’s very clear not everyone will get along in life. Walk away from the drama and pettiness. What do you really gain from bullying other women anyway?
2- Provide a sounding board for any crazy ideas she may have. Help her refine them and a plan to put it in to action. Continue to cheer her on even at her lowest of lows. We can’t always talk to our family about some of the things we have going on because not everyone understands. Especially men, (sorry guys!)
3- Support her in as many ways as you can. Respect her decision to leave that job so she can start her own business and buy from that business. Help her study if she decides to go back to school. Watch her kids so she can make phone calls to set something up. Even the smallest things can be so major in our lives.

Empowerment, like women, comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s all important. Remember this next time you want to make a difference but you think your voice isn’t loud enough.

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