Save It For Later

By Aron Daniels

Inspired by a random post on my Facebook Newsfeed, earlier this year I set up email addresses for both of my sons. At ages 2 and 6, they’re a little more into Power Rangers and Toy Story than into reading email. It’s for them, but not yet.

Every weekend we try to do something fun with the boys, even if it’s just something around the house that is a good memory. We have treasure hunts and book reading, movies, scooter time, photo-walks, board games, lego time, and all the stuff that little boys need. Every Monday morning I have a reminder that pops up on my to-do list, and I draft an email to both of them. Before I hit send I include something fun we did together or a photo of something. I tell them all the stuff that I want them to remember when they get older.

Sometime down the road, those email addresses and passwords will be theirs to have. It will have been so long that I won’t remember what is in those emails. Hopefully, they will open up some very special moments and know how much they have been loved.

Building memories doesn’t have to be hard. We are gifted with so many little moments that all add up to very special relationships. I just wanted to share with you one way that I am building. I encourage you today to start a book of stories, or that photo album, or that email address. You will thank yourself later for capturing those moments.

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