By Faith Overton

So I’ve been trying to do better with my self care as of late which includes caring for my hair . I hate hair maintenance. Everything is confusing and so expensive! So I’ve come up with some fun , easy , simple tips on how to care for hair during the heat ! First – you need to understand your own basic chemistry. Did you know hair has its only natural oils that help keep it healthy ? How cool ! Well this means you don’t need to shampoo / clean it everyday or you don’t let the oils do their magic work . Now I enjoy wetting my hair to both cool off & style , this is totally fine it’s when you wash everyday that is a problem . Next let’s tackle conditioning for some this might be where it gets tricky . You need to condition based on your hair type . Type A- normal to dry hair you might have lower oil count so you need to condition , Type B- oily you have a natural build of oil so by adding too much it over does it to your texture , Type C – both , some hair can be both as it’s sensitive to weather ect . So let’s talk about some easy things to care for hair . Full disclosure I’m not a stylist just a holistic gal who lives on a budget . Coconut oil is amazing ! I use this for everything including a once a month hair mask . Wet your hair then ( outside of shower so we don’t waste water ) put coconut oil on all your hair . Really dig in and think of it as you would dye – you don’t want to miss a single spot . After it’s on go “piddle “ about and wash in warm water after 15 min . Not only will the hair feel great but so will your skin . No fragrances either ! You can find this at any grocery store and one jar should last a while , I’ve had mine over a year . For styling – look into some of the better hair ties that don’t constantly scrunch the hair so harsh and watch what is in your products ingredients! Did you know some companies put the same things in their product that is used to clean a car engine? Yuck ! Anything with sulfates you need to throw out my friends because sulfur isn’t good for you at all. Make your own shampoo bar with natural ingredients or find a company that has their own . Yes I said bar , the chemicals they put in shampoo to lather is also a nasty one . These simple changes will make your hair look like a million bucks without spending hardly anything . #haircare