Taking Constant Steps…

By Mieka Peebles

“Without commitment, you’ll never begin.  But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.” ~ Denzel Washington

Knowing your dreams and aspirations in life is not enough.  If you’re not truly committed to achieving that dream, then it will always remain just that: a dream.  You’ll never take that first step.  You’ll never experience the process.  And you’ll never reach the finish line and attain that goal.  That is the importance of having a strong “why” behind your visions.  With it, you’re willing to go after those visions and make them come to life.  It will help push you into that first step.  Whether you have been thinking about buying a home or writing a book, it’s not enough to think about it.  Becoming a homeowner or an author isn’t going to be your reality if the thought simply remains in your head.  And you’ll never get started on your first steps if you’re not committed to making it happen. 

Commitment is significant because nothing comes easily and there will be some challenges along the way.  Are you committed to taking that first step and then following all the way through?  The feeling of many rejections, no results, or no change can all cause a person to give up.  I have been in that seat this year and it can be hard to push forward.  But here is where consistency plays a huge role.  Be willing to continue taking those steps daily toward your goal, despite the negative circumstances that come your way.  You need to push through, see yourself as already having achieved that vision and believe it will become your reality, remind yourself of the true reason for why you started in the first place, and have faith.  In doing this, it will help you accomplish what you’ve been holding inside of you.

You’re only a step away.

Finish this week off strong.

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