A Heart for Adoption

By Faith Overton

I love children . All children ! The more the merrier is my view on kids , so much so that the running joke with my husband is ill go to get groceries and come home with another children if not properly watched.

From a young age I knew my heart was geared towards adoption and it comes as no surprise that God gave me a taste of that world this past two weeks. My family recently became a temporary guardian for a 4 year old girl whose parent needed to deal with legal issues . It was a fast paced and very out of the blue situation for my little family . Though my husband shares my passion we are unique in the sense of wanting to adopt older children later in life , preferably siblings with possible behavioral problems.

My background is psychology and special needs so we feel called to the cases that tend to end with the children being released due to aging out of the system . So having a 4 year old was not quite our plan especially with our own 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter . A house full of toddlers … who would be crazy enough to do that , (slowly raises hand )? This little girl I’ve been invested in for over a year and she has been on my mind consistent. I won’t share her or her parents journey as it isn’t mine to share, it’s just full of life obstacles that have yet to come to pass. I love this child and want for her the same as my own . I pray that I’m doing HIS will , that my actions reflect him and that this child can See Christ in me . Sometimes YOU are the only Christ someone will ever see , I take that quote seriously.

Our last few weeks have been so full of confirmation that one day I will adopt the rest of my family , that I made the right choice welcoming this little one into our home . To me it was a no brainer decision that which my husband fully supported . We don’t know where our journey will continue after she leaves but I know all lives have been changed for the better because of us coming together! I encourage my friends to pray over the children CPS , DSS and the Foster Care as a whole . It is a broken system trying to fulfill the needs of many a broken child . Also if you haven’t take time to take those in that field for it is truly a calling!

I hope sharing a small part of the beginning of our journey helps encourage others to open their hearts to others , no matter how small it really does make a difference !

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