The Power of Her Intuition

The Power of #HerIntuition

by Yolanda Randolph

You know, there are so many beautiful, amazing women in the world! Nothing compares to the strength that we, as women, carry within us. We can run businesses, hold a conversation while cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, and tending to the pets—all at the same time! Yep, we can do it all! 

We have so much going for us, but it’s easy to forget just how strong we are. We forget that we were all given a unique skill, that God-given voice inside each one of us: A Women’s Intuition!

I forgot just how powerful my inner voice was at one time which led to some serious heartbreak. I am sharing my story with you in hopes that it will encourage you to always pay close attention to your inner voice, your intuition. I chose to not pay attention to mine and this is what happened… 

My Story

On a rainy September afternoon, in a small church before my family, friends, and, most importantly, God, I devoted myself to the man I had loved since I was a teenager. He promised to love, honor, and cherish me until death do us part. I promised him the same. 

“Yes!” I whispered to myself when the pastor announced that we were man and wife, bonded together, never to be torn apart. 

Just two short years later, that same man would completely blindside me with his betrayal—with no explanation, no warning, no nothing, he left me. 

There were no obvious problems in our marriage. He would always tell me how special I was to him; how important I was to him and that we would be together forever. 

Everything seemed so perfect. We decided try to conceive a baby. We were talked and laughed together while he was on his lunch break—discussing potentioal baby names and the colors that we would choose for the baby’s nursery.

Just imagine my shock when, a few hours later, I received a text, from his phone, in which his girlfriend informed me that my husband was spending his days with her. Every day. 

“Okay,” I spoke softly to myself, “we can work this out. But my husband had a different plan for our marriage. He called to tell me, his wife, to stop calling his phone. That was the moment when I felt a pain unlike any I’ve felt before; a type of pain I had no idea even existed. 

My Message

No one should ever have to go through that type of pain and most certainly should never be completely blindsided. In hindsight, I realize there was something in me all along—nagging and gnawing at me in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t quite right—My Intuition! 

Ladies, we all have a voice within us, a voice that alerts us to danger, failure, heartbreak, etc. I encourage you to always pay close attention to the voice within. There is nothing more powerful than your inner voice and it is your strongest ally! 

Quest, the main character in my Devious Deception Series books, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and Eyes of the Enemy, is in a fight between her reality and her intuition. Quest doesn’t realize that her inner voice is sending messages that could save her from potential heartache and pain. She wants to trust what she sees in her reality, because it’s easier than the alternative suggested by her intuition. 

Yep, that’s how most of us feel—trusting only what we see and not how we feel. You are so much stronger than you think! Trust yourself; go with your gut! 

Yolanda Randolph is the creator of the #HerIntuition Movement, a movement dedicated to empowering and motivating women to be at their best and to remind them of their worth. Follow her and Yolanda Randolph Publications on Facebook and Instagram. Find inspiration from Yolanda’s Note Blog and #HerIntuition Podcast at The Devious Deception book series is available on Amazon, and .

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