Who do you love? Are you for sure?

By Denisha Harris

Every day, my goal is to go out and crush it!  If anyone has every completed a value sort and identified his/her top values, my top three always end up being faith (because I love Jesus y’all ), equity (because I believe in not just doing things right but in doing the right things), and achievement (yep, I like to win!).   I am uniquely me so I don’t worry about competing but ultimately, I want to leave this earth accomplishing all God has ordained for me and leave it better than I found it.  My strength comes from the knowledge that I can’t do it alone.  In Philippians 1:6, it lets us know that HE will complete the work that He started in us.  So, if I commit my plans unto the Lord, they shall be established (Proverbs 16:3).

In the midst of crushing goals, the challenge can be in maintaining our focus on God and not on humanity.  Are we doing our best to gain favor from persons of power or influence and to feel important amongst our peers or are we living our best life to glorify our Father, which is in heaven?  Let’s be honest – it feels good to win!  It feels great to be acknowledged and admired.  Nevertheless, we must be reminded that it’s not about us.  I truly believe that everything we do is a testament to the power that works in us.  My internal mojo is the Holy Spirit who not only leads and guides but also gives me wisdom, knowledge, and insight to make a difference.  He provides me with favor that will outweigh the favor of humanity any day of the week.  He provides this awesome power to work out His eternal plan and show forth His goodness.  Now, that means it’s all about Him!  And, just like in Godly marriages, when He wins, I win…He will never leave me hanging

The moral of this story is – Don’t waste time trying to please people!  As it proclaims in Galatians 1:10, if we are still trying to please people, we are not serving Christ.  If our actions are only for our glorification from fallen humanity, it will not last.  In fact, we would be drinking from a salty fountain that will never satisfy but only deepen our thirst.  Instead, we should drink from the fountain of God’s love and be filled with the everlasting.  You can only serve one master – so, who do you love?

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