Sneaky Veggies – Part 2

By Michelle Dunston

‘My favorite exercise is lunch – a cross between a lunge and a crunch’. Do you feel the same at times? 

In part 2 of how to sneak more vegetable into your meals – let’s talk about LUNCH!

When most people think of vegetables for lunch they perhaps think of a traditional salad. Maybe some iceberg lettuce a tomato slice and some dressing. Not exciting if you love food. How about trying something different like a Buddha bowl.  A Buddha bowl is a vegetarian meal which consists of small portions of several foods that may include whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, etc.), plant proteins (chickpeas, tofu and more) and a variety of vegetables. Not only is it colorful and fun but filling as well. 

Another way to add more vegetables to your lunch is to think of using them in a non-conventional way. Try baked turnip fries instead of the traditional and unhealthy deep-fried potatoes. If you’re craving pizza, use a cauliflower crust!  Many stores such as Trader Joe’s have frozen cauliflower crusts if you don’t want to make your own. Finish it with your choice of toppings but be sure veggies are included in the list. When eating out for lunch ask if they offer cauliflower noodles or cauliflower rice as an option. That is an easy way to get the comfort food you crave and your veggies too.

With just a few adjustments in how you think about your meals, you can increase your vegetable intake. Your body will thank you.

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