Why Women Really Struggle

By Daria Mitsos

As my day comes to an end, I’m reflecting on what I think is a particularly weird day.

First of all, let me start by saying that not long ago you probably would have found me bound up in some sort of drama. And oh Lord when social media hit it’s high and you knew everyone’s dirty laundry…. Mouths never stayed shut. These days I keep the drama and BS to a minimum. It isn’t totally avoidable when you’re around women and trying to build your network with strong women, but I do like to keep it out of my life. Back to the topic…

When you hear “lift women up”, what is the first thing you think of? Is it empowering them to be a better version of themselves? Is it giving them the tools and knowledge it takes to be a strong woman and leader? Is it encouraging them to take risks and make some pretty scary leaps? Maybe it’s one or all of them to you.

I can tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t playing games behind each other’s back. It isn’t pushing them to the limits to see how far they’ll go before they break. It isn’t belittling them and insulting them. It isn’t trying to battle with them over something that shouldn’t be aired in such a manner that allow others to possibly form untrue opinions of you…. but yet I literally see women doing all the time.

Women, please do yourself a favor and be honest when enough is enough. I had this experience more times than I can count, and all I think to myself is “Wow. I wonder what they’re willing to treat me like when I’m not looking.” If you’re really wanting to be a good woman, be the kind of person that you would want to be best friends with. Life is already hard enough and adding the unnecessary drama and bullying to it won’t make it any easier. It isn’t men we have to worry about most of the time, (relatively speaking). It is other women. That is a HUGE reason of why we struggle.

Look at other successful women in your life. Like TRULY successful women. They don’t compare themselves with others, nor fight for that competition right. They don’t allow the negativity and trash talking to even enter their atmosphere. The door shuts on that shit quicker than… we’ll go with a door to door salesman. They also don’t say untrue things about themselves… but that’s for another day.

Be Blessed Friends

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